Hawkeye Firefly Micro Camera: The Best Eye Your Drone Can Get


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Need an eye like hawk’s sticking to your favorite drone?

Cameras today can go almost invisible and yet provide you with a strong third eye. It’s the era of the tiniest cameras ever. The smaller, the better seems to be the motto. If having micro cameras is your style, and you still demand clarity, the Hawkeye Firefly Micro Camera can be a great choice. It’s a simple but smart and handy camera to equip yourself with. With its size that’s remarkably small, you get a great secret eye.

micro camera

Hawkeye Firefly MicroCam: Design and Aesthetics

The all black Hawkeye Firefly looks classy and gorgeous. The very first thing that you notice about the camera is its size. It’s a 32 x 24 x 24mm micro camera weighing merely 14 grams. With this size, the front of the camera holds just the 10mm dia lens.

The camera is shaped like a cube and tilts perfectly to capture shots at various angles. At the left, you would find a microSD slot and a USB port. The camera has no screen and the silver logo of Firefly shines brightly to its right. There’s also a strap hole at a corner along with sports support and an FPV support.

micro camera

Hawkeye Firefly MicroCam: Features

Obviously, a camera that’s as small as the Hawkeye Firefly is amazing in itself. Talking about the imaging, it produces a quality better than you expect from such microdevice. The camera features a 2.0MP sensor and operates only in AVI format.

micro camera

The low-resolution lens in Hawkeye Firefly doesn’t mean you’ll compromise image equality. It’s got an excellent image stabilization settings with integrated Generalplus chip. With this feature, you can take 1080P total HD videos with maximum 30fps. Also, it lets you catch every movement even in a fast-paced environment. The sensor is accurate, energy efficient, and works just fine in low light conditions.

The Hawkeye Firefly also boasts of its 160 degrees wide-angle view. So it clearly and lets you catch a broader spectrum to level up your recordings. You get built-in microphones and speakers adding amazing audio features to it. You can upgrade its memory with external cards up to 32GB.

micro camera

Lastly, the camera is powered by a 230mAh integrated battery. So it stays alive for 60 minutes while at work and up to 1.5 to 2 hours in standby. You can charge it through PC via USB charging as well. It takes around 2.5 hours for a full charge.

micro camera

How to use the camera?

The Hawkeye Firefly can be used in more than one ways. Firstly, it’s a great camera to use with a drone. Alternatively, you can also mount it wherever you want. The unit that you buy includes all the accessories that you may need for mounting or installing it in the drone. Operating is very easy even without a screen. So just let it hang and it will work exactly as you want.


The Hawkeye Firefly micro cam is a very powerful cam for its size. It’s highly compact and lightweight with more than decent quality recordings. The wide camera lens is commendable hands down. And don’t forget it can work in dark as well. If you need a compact yet feature-packed tiny camera, this is your go-to option.


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