Eachine H8 Mini RC Quadcopter: A Crazy Mini Drone 


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It is undeniably the world’s smallest quadcopter. And currently retailing at only $ 11.99, it is a crazy modern mini-drone. I have had the experience of piloting it for the past few weeks, and I can authoritatively say that it is an incredibly fun device.

So, is Eachine H8 Mini RC Quadcopter worth it? Read on.

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Model: Eachine H8 Mini

Nano size group

Battery: 150 mAh 25 minutes charging time

Speed modes: 2

Flips: available

Flight time: 5.5 minutes

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Design and Build

For a relatively cheap mini drone like this one, most people would expect it to have been built with fragile cheap plastic. However, the mini-drone is not the case with the Eachine H8 quadcopter. Its plastic is pretty quality,  and it is certainly one you cannot find in many drones.

The prop guards need a little improvement because they bend easily but the pros in drone flying have no problem with it. If you plan to fly this drone for a longer period, it is advisable that you buy a bunch of extra props.

The main body can be either white or black in color, and it comes in an impressive 13.5 mm*13.5 mm* 2.8 mm size, which makes it one of the world’s smallest mini-drones. A 20 g device makes it easier to carry around even in your backpack.

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Flight Characteristics

Eachine H8 Mini drone comes with two flight modes, a plus for a modern drone. The 40 % mode or what we call the first/low rate is much easier to use when flying the quadcopter. The 100% mode requires the expertise of drone flying pros.

Those who have had experience with it know that it has crazy yaw rates and with the time you will perfect the art of applying the stick on low rates. You will need to act like a pro when negotiating banks and turns.

That is all we can say about flight characteristics.

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Eachine H8 Mini drone takes between 20-25 minutes to get its 150 mAh battery fully charged. This can be done using the USB charging cable supplied. And you will get about 5.5 minutes of flight time.

Since it does not fly well in winds, it is advisable that you restrict your flight indoors.

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Eachine H8 Mini drone controller is comfortable holding in the palm. So, you don’t have anything to worry about. It is usually powered using 3 AAA batteries.

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Offering you 360 degrees rollover and one press automatic return, Eachine H8 Mini RC Quadcopter is certainly the best option for you. That is if you are looking for a high performer mini-drone. And then the device itself is extremely lightweight. Plus it is relatively affordable.


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