MJX C4000: Record Your Real Life


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Are you planning to buy a sport action camera recently? You know, this kind of cam is not like any other kind. It should be much more flexible and portable because this cam need to be attached to FPV, cars, motorcycle helmets and so on.
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As a travel and photograph enthusiast, I made up my mind to buy this cam so as to catch every wonderful moment in my trip. After making a comparison among different kinds of aerial sport action camera, I finally choose MJX C4000 due to its price and performance.
In my view, the quality of images and videos is the essential requirement. It supports you with 1920*1080 PPi, 8MP both in image and video. It means that you can get pictures with super definition. After my practice, it turns out to be first-rate quality. It helps me record my life in high-definition and wide-angle fish-eye perspective. Now every time I watch back the videos I took will make me moved. What’s more, out of its small size, it can be mounted in different other equipment, especially perfect for MJX bugs 3 RC quadcopter. In this way, we are able to watch the live images.

Speaking of its battery, it should be noted that this cam is featured with 3.7V 300mAh. It can last for 1 hour or so, which is enough for you to take a lot of pictures. But from my perspective, MJXC4000 is in duty bound to prolong the long life of battery so as to cater to the market requirement.



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