MJX F46 F646 2.4G 4CH RC Helicopter Review


MJXRC Helicopter

MJX is a famous brand on the international market. Thanks to its popularity, it has been used widely. Here are some basic information about the MJX F46 F646 RC Helicopter for people who are fond of flying to have a good flight time.

First Toy Reviews-MJX F46 ReviewAt first, it obtains many advanced technologies and designs. It has a separation design of integrated plastic main frame and skid landing to make it easy to disassemble and maintain. It adopts new flybarless system to make it fast response and great efficiency improvement. High-performance brushless motor of the helicopter provides more powerful and durable flight.

Besides, the helicopter can automatically correct flight attitude, and is easy to control for both basic flight and 3D flight, ensuring stable and precise flight, and decreasing the difficulty of the operation. Besides, the 7.4v 700mAh high-capacity li-po battery can provide about 8 minutes flight after fully charged. It would be great fun to fly the helicopter.

With intelligent identification PCB, the MJX F46  F646 RC Helicopter can be mounted with high-pixel camera and take video when the helicopter is flying. The videography function can be played immediately after installation of the videography device. Installation is very easy and convenient, the camera angel is adjustable and the camera can be turned on or to turn off when necessary. The video will be generated as AVI format.

It’s hard to believe a helicopter could offer so many features: left, right throttle control switch mode, full proportional servo system. Throttle limited mode sets 3 flight speed modes for selection and more. The only way to achieve a high-end features and an amazing design like this is by relentlessly considering every single detail. So, the MJX F46 F646 RC Helicopter is really worth to have one in hand.


2 Replies to “MJX F46 F646 2.4G 4CH RC Helicopter Review”

  1. Roderick says:

    My friend has bought the helicopter. He thinks highly of it. I have tried to fly it and it is really good. I like it and decide to get it for myself.

  2. Derrick says:

    What a cool helicopter! My little brother likes it very much. He asked me to buy it for him. Can you tell me where I can get the quality product?

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