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For those who want to build a budget racer for themselves, this EMAX Nighthawk 250 is the one you have to order. It is a combo combing all quality components that you need when building a racer.

EMAX Nighthawk 250 left a good impression on me from the beginning. It is packed in a nice box, and easy to unpack. The frame is very nice being made of full carbon fiber, and is effortless to assemble. Although it is not gorgeous, i was full of sense of achievement and it is most beautiful one in my heart.

EMAX Nighthawk 250Actually, in the current market, there are many frame kits for people to DIY a RC aircraft, but with a kit only, it will spend you much time in selecting proper power components. EMAX Nighthawk 250 show as a combo, which not only provides a frame kit, but also comes with all necessary components, so what we need to do is just to focus on installations.

EMAX Nighthawk 250 integrates four MT2204-2300KV motors, four Simon 12A ESCs, one CC3D flight controller and four pieces of 6030 carbon fiber propellers. If you are a hobbyist of RC toys, you must know something about these components which are well-recognized with their quality and ideal running. And in fact, this quadcopter does fly great and powerful with combing them into one.

EMAX Nighthawk 250

The next step is to add a FPV equipment. After assembling the frame kit, you can see a mounting space for camera. By selecting a camera in proper size and mount it to the quadcopter, then you are allowed to have FPV experience.

That’s all about EMAX Nighthawk 250, build your own racer and have a fantastic race with it! If you are interested on this product, you can be order it from BG for only $139.99 right here.


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