New 6 In 1 Educational Solar Robot Chameleon Review


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Nowadays transformable cars and robots become more and more popular! For instance, 6 In 1 Solar Robot has been warmly promoted recently. The mini solar building kit can teach children the benefits of solar energy, while they create a toy that is very interesting to play with no batteries. And this is an excellent beginner building kit designed for little kids. Hereinafter I’d like show you more advantages of playing such creative toys!

6 In 1 Solar Robot
First and foremost, the 6 In 1 Solar Robot is specially suitable for children beyond 2 years old. Children can use the 21 snap together parts to build modules by themselves, which looks a little bit complex but actually pretty easy. General speaking, it allows children to snap together parts without tools to create modules including a solar airboat, a solar puppy, a solar racing car, a solar plane, a solar revolving plane, as well as a solar windmill.
6 In 1 Solar RobotIn addition, the 6 In 1 Solar Robot can be energized by direct sunlight or micro rechargeable battery. Each complete model is powered by a mini solar panel using sunlight, indoor halogen light or micro rechargeable battery that literally brings the kits to life. As children watch the toy they built moving around and speeding up or slowing down in line with intensity of the light, they can only learn something about solar power.
6 In 1 Solar RobotLast but not least, I have to remind you that the 6 In 1 Solar Robot maybe more or less smarter than you expect. Anyway, it won’t affect the assembly since children like mini toys. The transformable kit is easy to assemble by following the step in instruction. Children will not only learn much natural knowledge but also something about how to quick think and act! If you have time, you can play with your kids to build better parent-children hood!
6 In 1 Solar Robot


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