The most petite 3D helicopter——Align T-Rex 150


AlignRC Helicopter

Do you feel it domineering when you hear about T-Rex? With the same name, Align T-Rex 150 RC helicopter also bring people the same temperament as a T-Rex, but with the most petite body. It is far exceeding any other helicopters currently on the market because of its featuring strong power, superior flight control stability, and equipped with high end components.
Align T-Rex 150
With twin brushless motor design, you needn’t change the brush in the motor and the power is powerful. Metal DFC main rotor head assembly featuring high end aesthetic and superior flight performance. And the Align T-Rex 150 has an integrated control system with specially optimized 3-axis gyro, receiver, electronic speed controller, and 4g servos. It has the features which is builit in Futaba S-FHSS and 2.4GHz system in the T-Rex 150, and support the use of many kinds o satellier receivers. You just add a Futaba S-GHSS transmitter or satellite receiver and transmitter, then you can get ready to fly. 4g digital micro servos are special design for it to increase micro helicopter control speed and precision for getting the same flight performance as large and outdoor helicopter.With such mini size of 25.5cm*8cm and 53g weight, its control precision is similar to the larger helicopters. Paired with 250mAh battery, this helicopter can be played in a enough time for fun.

All these advantages can make the RX helicopter possess better stability, superior agility and tail holding effectiveness as a larger helicopter. Matched the colors of yellow and blue, Align T-Rex 150 bring people the feeling of outstanding and domineering. With the reasonable price, this helicopter is powerful enough for you to pick out and buy or give it as a present for children.


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