PIXHAWK PX4 Flight Controller, Auto Pilot System With GPS Configuration


As for one rc quad copter, the pilot system plays an important role among various components. This time, I have found one DIY kit, which called PIXHAWK PX4 Flight Controller. It is one kind of powerful and practical one that has auto pilot system and GPS configuration. Why do you choose it? Let me do the analysis next.

PIXHAWK PX4 Flight Controller

It has been produced on the base of 3DR original version, which increases the PPM/ SBUS adapter module. Depending on the preset 3DR certificate, it can do a directly upgrading of the firmware via MP ground station software.

It was equipped with advanced 32 bit ARM Cortex® M4 processor, which allows running NuttX RTOS. Besides, 14PWM servo outputs, it features with 8 failsafe and manual override, 6 auxiliaries and high-power compatibility. Abundant connectivity design, it provides more additional peripherals, such as, UART, I2C, CAN, etc.

What’ s more, it integrated with backup system, which mixes and provides consistent autopilot and manual override mixing modes. Most important, it has the capability of in-flight recovery and manual override with dedicated processor and stand-alone power supply.

In addition to, this multi rotor parts was equipped with the newest Ublox NEO-M8N GPS , which performances much better than LEA-6H GPS. As a result, it is pretty good to be used as a flight controller.

Generally speaking, PIXHAWK PX4 Flight Controller is a pretty good item to be used as the rc toy’ s component, especially suits for the rc quad copters. If you are interested in it, you can learn more detailed information from banggood.com.