Playing With Mini Quadcopters Has Never Been Easier!


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Gone are the days where commandeering your very own drone was perceived to be a scene from the Richie Rich cartoons. These days, much like Ford’s statement for wheels, there is a drone for everyone irrespective of experience levels and even age. Drones gained their popularity in the military sector while being used on surveillance missions and have since then commercialized into ones that are used to broadcast and cover events from angles that were unimaginable in the past.


Moreover, as the popularity streak continues, drone makers have commercialized them to an extent where it has even become a safe and entertaining toy for your kids. In fact, commercial gadgets are quickly becoming a must-have gadget for tech-savvy patrons and the good news is that the makers of these drones are making strides in bringing the price point down in order to boost availability.

Xiaomi MiTu Quadcopter

Buying trends for these affordable mini quadcopter drones have reached new heights to match the efforts from manufacturers and are now seen as a gadget that can be used by everyone in the household due to its ease of use. For that very reason, mini quadcopters are also used by entry-level players in the drone market to polish their maneuvering skills before moving on to upper-end variants.


As new as all of this appears, children have always been fascinated with flying objects of all shapes and sizes whether it is an airplane or even kites. Most childhood memories even combine those two in the shape of paper planes and competing with them. Drones offer a much more sophisticated approach to those conventional activities, and allows for a deeper learning of mechanics and technology while maintaining an even higher level.

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Some of the most popular mini quadcopters for kids include:

  1. Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC is popular for its carefree flying mode that allows you to forget any worries about which side is up and operates smoothly with 3-speed modes


  1. GoolRC Scorpion T36 Mini Drone is a lightweight mini quadcopter designed specifically for indoor flying. The manufacturers have also kept familiarity in mind when designing the remote control that looks like most gaming controllers, which makes it super easy to use.


  1. Tenergy Syma X11C Drone carries the most important quality for mini quadcopters i.e affordability. Priced decently under the $50 range, the Tenergy Syma offers a 2MP camera, 360-degree rolls and about 8 minutes of flight time after a 40-minute charge.

DJI Tello Drone

While purchasing a drone, it is imperative to keep in mind what experience level is the mini quadcopter targeted for. Drones designed for beginners or professionals can cause a lot of discomfort and dissatisfaction for children trying to fly them. It is important to note that parents should purchase drones that are targeted for children to ensure ease of use and safety.


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