Professional tools for RC toy lovers

You may or not have the ability to buy one of the most luxurious remote control cars. But at least you can afford your remote-controlled toy car, and more precisely the one you make it yourself. The invention of some microcontroller board like the Arduino and the accessibility of the fixable components such as the circuit board and some other materials make the simpler to build the electronic toys.

arduino starter kit

The importance of motor

Suitability of the motor is the most important consideration when checking on the improvement to make on your favorite RC model or even in the case that you are trying to make one of your own. Brushless motor should be your first consideration because of its attractive features, which allow your RC toys to function well. Brushless motor has the best speed stability; it allows the toy to work from the low speed to a very high speed as the load torque changes. It has very low noise; this is because of the brushless motor of the new structure of the motor, its design, and the processing technique of the motor. The brushless motor has great strength; the gear has a long life due to its design, the strengthened case and the most advanced bearing design gives improves the gears life more than two times. It is easy to connect the brushless motor to the control unit.

 flight controller

How to decide?

You will need to decide whether your motor will help by having high torque/low RPM, low torque/high RPM, or something in the middle. For vehicle/speedboat drivers, this will rely on how exceedingly you esteem your model’s best speed contrasted with the amount you think about sharp, intense, increasing speed. A higher KV rating implies a higher best speed yet less torque, while a lower KV rating implies effective torque, however, a lower top speed. Lamentably it’s on a sliding scale, and you can’t have both! From my experience, I recommend a KV rating for a 1:10 scale brushless carriage or 400mm race adjusted speedboat engine is 3300KV – a little or more on-street facing model will need a higher KV rating, while a bigger or more go 4×4 romping/brandish focused model will need a lower one.

brushless motor

Here is a simple procedure that you can implement to make an RC toy, in this case, a car. Get a robot unit and supplement it with additional items, if fundamental.

  1. i) String the wheels on to the engines and fix the engine to the suspension using sticky paste; additionally connect the battery holder, engine driver circuit, and the Arduino board.
  2. ii) Test and select the choices to begin the auto car.



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