Programmable Xiaomi Mitu Robot designed for fun and entertainment


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Keeping their small children busy, safe and out of trouble is a major problem for almost all parents, and what’s better? Something both adults and children will all enjoy, so they are always looking for toys and other items which are suitable for playing together.


Programmable robotic toys are increasingly popular with children of all ages and others who enjoy playing with gadgets as they can be programmed to perform different tasks as required, to save time and also for entertainment. Initially robots had only limited capabilities, however now it is possible to use wireless remote control methods to manipulate the robot from a distance, without touching it. The Xiaomi Mitu Robot has some of best features in robots designed for children and adults and is available online at a very affordable price.

Xiaomi Mitu Robot

Remarkable workmanship

To ensure that the Xiaomi Mi Bunny Robot can be used over all surfaces for a long period of time, the robot has a crawler chassis with a high-performance barrier capability. To ensure that the Xiaomi Mi Bunny Robot can move over different surfaces, including slippery surfaces, without skidding, the track components are made from high strength materials which are reinforced with ribs to prevent skidding and improve the grip of the track shoes. Lightweight strong materials in the track and elsewhere are used, for ease of handling, portability, energy efficiency, and will not break quickly even when handled roughly by small children.

Xiaomi Mitu Robot

Advanced technology

The main feature of the Xiaomi Mi Robot is that it is very versatile and processes command fast using a 32-bit processor, the high capacity ARM Cortex Mx. The 32-bit microcontroller system has a 32 MB flash memory for faster processing of commands. The electronic systems in the Xiaomi Mitu Robot Kit support Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz wireless using a sensor, allowing the robot to be controlled remotely without physical contact with the robot. The robot is powered by a long-lasting 11.1 V lithium battery. A geared motor is inbuilt for controlling the motion of the robot, with a gyroscope sensor for 6 axis, an acceleration sensor and sound sensor using mobile phones. The system supports Android 4.3.0, IOS 6.0 and higher.

Xiaomi Mitu Robot

The Xiaomi Mitu Robot consists of 1086 different molded components, which are made from nontoxic, nonpolluting materials, making it the ideal gift for children to keep them busy and happy. The remote control and programming feature allow the Xiaomi Mi Bunny Robot to be used for a wide variety of applications by both children and adults who like playing with the latest gadgets. It can be programmed to obey a wide variety of commands using the voice control mode and a smartphone, and testing the various features can be a good source of fun and entertainment for young and old alike.

Xiaomi Mitu Robot

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