QAV250 frame and its NAZE32 Integrate PCB Board


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QAV250 is a low weight mini sport FPV quad copter frame. It was designed to make use of standard- sized electronic equipment commonly used in RC and allows it to compete with larger quad copters while being smaller and agile.


QAV250 is made of carbon fiber, which results in an extremely light and thick body, so this quad is effortless to carry. On the choice of fasteners, QAV250 adopts stainless steel and red metal 8/8 to stabilize the whole structure, so this quad is firm and allows you to fly without any worrying.


To make QAV250 complete and fly, you need to mount power components, and PCB board is what you need when mounting, which is used to reach connection between circuit components and devices, and then produce power to fly up your quad. NAZE32 Integrate PCB Board is specially made for QAV250.

NAZE32 Integrate PCB Board

NAZE32 Integrate PCB Board is extremely light, in weight of 20g, which will not add burden for your quad. it is made of fiberglass, strong enough to bear all power components. In addition, it integrates figure pass filter, LED light, sonar, data transmission etc, such a multifunctional laminate board will surely combine to give you a good-to-work QAV250.

As you can see, there are many holes on the board for you to allocate cables, making the connection easy and you won’t see messy wires there. Apart from QAV250, actually this NAZE32 Integrate PCB Board also fits for ZMR250 series of frames. Moreover, its design is suitable to mount CC3D and NAZE32 flight controller.

Combing your QAV250 frame and NAZE32 Integrate PCB Board, you’ll get a pleasant mounting experience and ideal mounting effect. If you want more info check the full info over on our PCB Board page here.


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