QS5012: Semi-micro Coaxial Helicopter Controllable for little kids


Children tend to appeal to cute and adorable toys like QS5012. Putting it on the palm, the mini coaxial helicopter only takes very little place. With 98mm in length, 22mm in width and 54mm in height only, it weighs 116g with compact and concise structure. It cheers up little child by its vivid bee-like modeling, at the same time, the helicopter is so controllable that everyone can master it in very short time.
QS5012Christmas day is nearing and it would past very soon! But every day we need fun and play, especially for children. Don’t be selfish and cruel parents, if you can’t give them time then you should give them fun! A semi-micro coaxial helicopter like QS5012 could be a nice company. After all, there is no child not fond of helicopter or anything that could fly. Even young girls, they hope they could grow with a pair of angle wings. So, nothing is better than a mini helicopter more attractive to kids.

2CH mini coaxial helicopter actually is very controllable for young kids. With a handy remote controller, QS5012 is capable of rising, descending, turning left and right. Compatible with 2.4GHz anti-interference control system, the mini copter can stably and smoothly fly both indoor and outdoor. The most important thing is, children not only gain fun from the flights, but also they will becomes more and more active and initiative.

Last but not least, the 2CH mini coaxial helicopter is supported by Lithium battery. Only charging for 25minutes, the battery provides 6mins flight time. In addition, the remote controls distance is about 10m. That is, QS5012 is more suited to fly indoor and it won’t fly out of human vision, very safe and controllable for kids. Now it’s winter, flying a mini helicopter is better than being accompanied by those cold metal-made mobile phone or tablet.