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Who would want to sit at home in front of a PC or play board games when the sun is shining bright and the sky is a clear blue. When you can turn the whole sky your own playground why limit yourselves to the four walls of your house? Go out and play. You don’t have a team or an opponent to play with? No worries. Remote Control toys are meant exactly for a day like this.


Remote Control (RC) cars were what appeared first as RC toys. Now, they are passé. School children have started playing with RC planes, helicopters, quadcopter, and drones. Not just that, they are also assembling them and programming these toys themselves. In most parts of the world, competitions are regularly being conducted for the assembly of these machines. Players, or you can call them the RC toys savvy, will DIY their own RC toys to compete with each other for thousands of dollars bonus.


For the purpose of this article, we will limit ourselves to the joy of playing with these RC toys. RC planes, helicopters, drones, and quadcopters are all flying machines that you remotely control from the ground. They may sound or superficially appear to be similar. But the playing experience differs widely. What you play with also differs with your level of experience in using these machines.

remote control airplane parts

RC plane

An RC plane is typically suited for a beginner in these types of toys. They are easier to learn to operate and comparatively simpler in operations. The only thing to learn in flying the plane is to properly take off and land without damaging the plane, and the remote control airplane parts are relatively cheap. You can enjoy seeing them fly long distance and soar to great heights. But, if you want to do stunts, a plane is not the ideal toy for you. Nor are these machines good for taking photographs or videos with.

rc helicopter blades

RC helicopter

If you are one who enjoys playing with controls in good speeds, then the RC helicopter is the toy for you. The RC Chopper also needs much little space. You can enjoy watching them flip and turn and somersault at low heights with durable rc helicopter blades. This toy is faster to respond to your manoeuvres. It is a great toy to exhibit your sharp reflexes. But it is also not for aerial photography.


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