The Ultimate Beginners Guide for RC Airplane Kits


RC Airplane

There are plenty of radio-controlled planes in the market. The process of selecting your favourite can be as exciting as it can be overwhelming, for individuals of any age. Reading through this simple guide, you will be able to select your favourite radio-controlled plane without much hustle. There are no typical rules that define a beginner’s plane. However, points such as ease of operation, slower flying, durability, and stability should come first. Remember, you can build yours or can buy the famous ready to fly radio controlled planes. Such planes come with full RC airplane kits.

RC airplane kits


The plane whose wings are on the fuselage,  this is described as a high wing plane. It is more stable as compared to the low wing counterparts. Therefore, it is considered the best RC planes to learn on. Their high wing configuration enhances stability.

 RC airplane kits


Most RC airplane kits come in 3 or 4 channels. Channel stands for the controllable functions in the plane. The three channel RC planes have control over three functions, i.e., rudder, elevator, as well as motor power. Some modification is being developed to have aileron in the place of the rudder, however. On the other hand, the four channels have control over the four channels, i.e., motor power, aileron, rudder, and the elevator.

The three channel RC plane is the best for a beginner. Such planes give you easier time while learning. If you are interested in fun, then the four channel is your choice.

RC airplane kits

Available alternatives

Electric power glider: Such planes have a lot of stability. Moreover, they have a larger size making them visible from a distance, which makes them one of the best RC airplane kits for beginners.

Pusher type:  These planes are stable and have friendlier flying characteristics. Also, this configuration can use with video cameras or first-person view as they give a view that is not interrupted.

RC airplane kits

RC technology for beginners

With advancing technology, the manufacturing of the RC planes is improving. One such is the stabilization technology. Also, advancement in technology has seen the inclusion in:

a.SAFE technology which gives the beginner pilots three modes

Beginner-tremendously reduces the pitch attitude and offers self-levelling features, which enables the plane to level itself to a neutral position in case the transmitter stick fails.

Intermediate mode reduced pitch attitude limitations

Experienced mode turns all stabilization aids off, hence normal fly of the plane.

You can activate and deactivate the mode using the toggle switch which is on the transmitter.

b. Auto stabilization 3-axis technology

This technology helps the beginner pilot by dampening out the interruptions that are not desirable in the flight path mainly wind gust.

RC airplane kits

Therefore, what should you look at as a beginner?

  1. Stability – here consider stability provided by the high wing configuration
  2. Power type- electric powered RC planes are by far the best regarding convenience, maintenance and buying cost as opposed to those that use internal combustion
  3. Spare parts availability and durability of the RC airplane kits – it is important to get a well-constructed plane concerning material used.

For more RC airplane kits for beginners, please check here.


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