RC Drone – a massive industry you can’t ignore


RC Quadcopters

In today’s world, RC Drone means a remote controlled drone with its single or a multi-rotor aircraft. These RC drones are available in many sizes, varieties, rotor configurations, etc. they have many sizes of drones such as a tiny which easily fits in your hand and the giant one which is used for filming a movie and a speedy one for an FPV racing drone has a ridiculous flying speed. These gadgets lovers are increasing day by day, that is why the drone industry is also increasing. The RC Drones is also called as Quadcopter drones; the name Quadcopter means a drone having a four side or all four-sided blades rotate simultaneously.

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In this massive industry of drone, there are many competitors. The drone is also of a different variable for different uses of customers. The advancement in technology makes a tiny part, such as the sensor, cameras, chips etc. and because of this advancement in technology, you can control the quadcopter drone by your Smartphone also.


When there are a lot of gadget lovers in this world, then there will be competition also. The competition among the best drone is like the fastest drone in the world, highest flying drones in the world, much time flying in the sky, and many more. When there is lots of variety is available for the customers, then there are the custom drones also available in which you can modify your RC Drone or you can DIY your RC Drone.

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The First Person View (FPV) Drone which is used in drone racing. The FPV Drone racing is the latest trend for the gadget lover and they make a drone racing as a sports event in the world. In this racing organization, you can see the fastest drones, new technologies which take these racing sports to the next level. The FPV drone racing is done under the professional pilots who are best in flying these drones.


Lets see the top brand of the rc drone:

  1. The DJI is the most popular drone manufacturer industry. The headquarters of DJI is in Shenzhen, China. Their phantom series is best among all drones.The DJI is the best drone manufacturer, the phantom 4 is the best drone among all drones till today. It comes with all advanced features, it is lightweight measured only 3 lbs, with a better camera which features all top functions in it.

dji spark

  1. The parrot is a French company, headquarters is located in Paris. Basically, it is a mobile accessories manufacturer, but companies also take over in drone manufacture. The Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 is the best midrange drone come with all facilities like FPV system which is controlled by your Smartphone app.


  1. Hubsan is a Chinese company and it becomes the successor with its Hubsan X4 models. They also make FPV racing models H501S with brushless motor and the H502S, both come with GPS Positioning, and this comes with all high-end features.



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