RCTimer 30A is the indispensable part of your ideal flight


Multi Rotor Parts

RCTimer 30A is a very good and nicely constructed OPTO ESC, which is specially designed for multicopters. It comes with Simonk firmware, so we can easily upgrade it to the latest version. It works great under 30A current, but it owns extreme low output resistance and super current endurance and can bear maximum current of 40A.

RCTimer 30A

Coming in a mini size of 36mm L*26mm W*7mm H, RCTimer 30A can easily fit your aircraft without occupying much space. In weight of 32g, it’s too light to influence your agile flight. So such a small and light ESC is really convenient to use.

RCTimer 30A

Smooth, linear and precise throttle response ensures an excellent functioning for you: it can make your motors rotate speedy so as to reach speedy flight. So if you pursue heart-pounding speed, RCTimer 30A can surely help you. Speaking of throttle, it can be configured to be compatible with all transmitters currently available on market.

RCTimer 30A

To ensure safe using, it also owns multiple protection features: low-voltage cut-off protection, over-heat protection and throttle signal loss protection. So, go enjoying your speedy while safe flight with this compact and quality RCTimer 30A. To know recommended configuration, you could visit product page on Banggood.


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