Recommended 4k action cameras at the start of 2018


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If you haven’t heard yet, the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea will be filmed for broadcasting using 4K action cameras. For fans of extreme outdoor sports like skiing and snowboarding, there’s nothing like experiencing the speed and adrenalin surge when you’re rushing down the slope at unimaginable speeds. And now there are cameras to capture those exhilarating but fleeting moments in great detail.


Why they are highly recommended by everyone?

4K action cameras like the AT-N460 and the AT-N490 now provide us with the technology to capture snapshots and videos at high resolutions and speeds that filmmakers of bygone years could only dream of. These two trendy gizmos also come with a remote control which lets you take pictures and videos through the remote, or even through your phone. Just imagine the endless possibilities.


The best thing about 4K action cameras is their size. They’re so small and lightweight, you can mount them on virtually anything – your helmet, your surfboard, your drone, and you can even wear them. Both the AT-N460 and the AT-N490 have multi-function clips. The package also comes with a bike bracket and a helmet seat. Both models also come with a waterproof case, a waterproof case bracket, and a waterproof case clip. This simply means you can take any of these two amazing gadgets whenever you go scuba diving or snorkeling.


  1. The AT-N460

The AT-N460 comes with a 4K Ultra HD resolution and 24M Ultra camera pixels – this means you get crisper images with richer details. With the AT-N460, you’ve got a powerful camera that gives you 5M to 24M clarity and resolution. What’s amazing about the AT-N460 is its Gyro Anti-Shake feature which gives you stronger video stability even when everything around you is shaking. You get three adjustable fields of view so you can set it to narrow, medium, or wide. This exciting 4K action camera also lets you do time-lapse photography and loop recording.


  1. The AT-N490

While the AT-N460 is great, the AT-N490 has charms of its own. Although it comes with the same accessories as the AT-N460, the AT-N490 uses a 6-axis gyroscope anti-shake technology. It can support different formats for video recording, like 2K 30FPS, 1080P 60/30 FPS, 720P 120/60/30 FPS, and VGA 240 FPS. It has an arbitrary self-timer and also supports time-lapse and continuous lapse recording.


How to make a choice between these two?

Deciding between these two trendy gizmos might be difficult. Both models have 170 degrees wide-angle camera lens, support WiFi functionality, and underwater shooting mode. The AT-N460, however, has a 70-minute battery life with its 900mAh battery, while you can record for up to 90 minutes using the AT-N490 with its 1050mAH battery. Charging time for the AT-N490, however, can take as long as 3 hours.


If you’re particular about the image sensors, the AT-N460 uses Sony IMX179, while the AT-N490 uses Sony IMX078. In terms of size, the AT-N460 dimensions are 59*44*21.4mm, while the AT-N490 dimensions are 59.27 x 41.13 x 29.28. The size might be a deciding factor for you, depending on where you’re planning to mount your 4K action camera. Both of these two excellent 4K action camera models are exciting to use. In the end, it all depends on your extreme kind of fun.


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