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Brushless motors became commercially available a few years ago. Since then they have revolutionized all sorts of industrial and mechanical industries. Now, they are also available in the RC toys today. For example, the sunnysky motors. They have made quite a splash in the world of RC toys, because of their higher efficiency and power, among other things, they are quickly becoming the industry standard for electric RC vehicles.
Sunnysky V2814-11The sunnysky motors is an excellent motors. Quit spending your money in crap motors and get a few of these. Best quality ratio ever, they are great motors very smooth and no balancing needed. I have also noticed a good improvement in video quality of my aerial video clips taken with my Gopro3 on my multiwii flycat quadcopter when I installed these motors. Get these motors if you are looking for high performance motors without the hefly price tag of other brands such as tiger or cobra.
Sunnysky V3508 580KVOn the other hand, the sunnysky motors are so damn good. Smooth, fast response, quiet, used with 1045 props on a 400mm acro multiwii quad. I get lots more power than the cheap EMP motors off ebay and the improvement in stability and agility is amazing. Best part is, they are not that much more experience compared to the cheap motors. If you fly multirotors then buy these.
Sunnysky X3508S 700KVIn a word, these motors are the best that I have used so far for my quadcopter. I have used emax, aji and ntm motor and they are not uyp to par with these motors, as a newbie flyer, I have read a lot of forums regarding motors and the data that accompany them but just put them aside and just fly with these motors and you will actually know what I’m saying, you will instantly notice the quietness of the sunnysky motors, the power considering its size and the quality of the workmanship, you will not regret buying these motors.


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