RocHobby P-39 Hells Bells gets the feeling of heartbeat back for you


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In the first time when i saw RocHobby P-39, i felt it is very fierce because of its severe facial expression. After knowing it, i think its features can summarized at three points: long history, nice manufacturing and fast speed. Now, let’s get to know each part in detail.

RocHobby P-39
Long history
The history of RocHobby P-39 can be traced back to 1939. At that time, P-39 was one of the American first-line pursuit planes. It made its initial flight in April 1939 at Wright and by the time of Pearl Harbor attack, nearly 600 had been built. Being used at real wars means that P-39 was of highest specification at that time, and this RocHobby P-39 is no different.

RocHobby P-39
Nice manufacturing
RocHobby P-39 is made from durable EPO material that owns excellent shock resistance. This is extremely important for a aircraft with high speed. Even suffer impact, the material can protect the plane from breaking. The super long wingspan(980mm) greatly extends your glide distance in the sky. Landing gears this aircraft adopts is electrically retractable. By the way, you need to spend about 20 minutes building the model.

RocHobby P-39
RocHobby P-39 is equipped with the stock 4 bladed prop, 3648 brushless Outrunner motor, 4 cell LiPo battery and 60A ESC, giving excellent flight capability like a fighter. It is PNP that requires radio system, battery and charger.

Fast speed
RocHobby P-39 is tailed-made for those who want a truly different high speed aircraft to fly. If you love the warbird look and enjoy the excitement of heart-pounding speeds, this aircraft will satisfy both of your desires!

Be ready to turn heads with the awesome 980mm RocHobby P-39!


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