RocHobby Strega P-51, Sport Racer with 1070mm Wingspan


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People who prefer fixed-wing aircraft must be not strange to RocHobby series of planes and would be excited to see the release of RocHobby Strega P-51 which is highly anticipated. It is built from the ground up for performance, you would definitely enjoy a furious flying experience.

RocHobby Strega P-51

Strega has a glorious history and can be tracked back to last century when it had ever won many times on the National Air Races. Inheriting the previous advantages, this RocHobby Strega P-51 won’t let you down. Clean lines, exceptional detail and simple assembly make this model a top choice among intermediate and advance sport fliers. Being made of durable EPO foam with reinforced one-piece wing, this plane is really solid.

RocHobby Strega P-51

RocHobby Strega P-51 is 973mm long with wingspan that is 1070mm long. Similar to other RocHobby models, this super scale appearance includes hand painted pilot, chrome spinner, detailed cockpit, authentic graphics, four bladed prop, wing stabilizers, and air scoop. Besides, such a large fuselage allows it to accommodate many quality components. The combination of a powerful 3648-KV770 motor and 14.8V 2200mAh battery allow this sport racer to reach speeds of 90 MPH with a 4 blade prop( to reach faster speed in excess of 100 MPH, you can also use an 11*12 blade prop). Metal gear servos on the ailerons ensure the elevator and rudder for maximum durability.

RocHobby Strega P-51

RocHobby Strega P-51 is plug and play, but you need to prepare radio system, battery and charger by yourself and simple construction with minimal glue required for assembly. go flying and start a fantastic journey with this sport racer. If you are interested in checking the latest price and full details check the product page on Banggood and can be ordered here.


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