Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater Review



It isn’t often that you find a device that can truly excite you, and even more seldom that you find one that allows you to take it anywhere you go.

Royole MoonThe Royole Moon 3D is one of those devices: it’s a headset that’s also a personal theater, gaming apparatus, and mobile audio center all in one. This is our review of the Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater

The Design
The pale gold finish might not be to everyone’s taste, but added to the perforated leather-like material it makes the Moon look like a seriously premium piece of kit. And so it should, given the $900 plus retail price.

Royole Moon
Instead of connecting to a computer , the Moon hooks up to an included box which is basically an Android smartphone without a screen. The box contains a processor and storage, and is what powers the headset for up to five hours between charges.
As well as accessing video through the Moon’s Wi-Fi connection, you can store files on the box, or plug another output device (like a games console) into the box and watch content that way.
You switch between the icons by swiping left or right on the right earpiece. To navigate down into an icon, you tap the right earpiece; double-tapping brings you back up a level. Changing volume requires swiping around the outside edge of the right earpiece.

Display and HardwareRoyole MoonThe Moon’s Virtual reality headset employs dual 1080p AMOLED displays to simulate an 800-inch curved screen viewed from 20 meters away. Royole claims the 1920-by-1080-pixel screens simulate 3000 pixels per inch and have a 60 Hz refresh rate. You can adjust the lenses to provide from -7.0 to +2.0 diopters, which means that most people can use it with or without corrective lenses, which is good, since you can’t wear glasses with it.
It has 2 GB of RAM and a 32 GB hard drive for storing content.

The Moon runs a modified version of Android, called Moon OS, and apps like Netflix and YouTube can be installed on it.

Royole Moon

However, there is no app store. So to get Netflix for example, you have to open the browser, go to, and from there you will be given an option to download and install the app, which then appears on the Moon’s tiled home page.

The box contains a 6000 mAh battery that charges via USB in 2 hours and promises 5 hours of video playback.

Excellent Audio/Visuals
Noise Canceling Technology
Foldable Device for Travel
Plays Games Great

Price is too high for budget gamers
Heavy on your neck with long term use

Royole Moon

Royole’s Moon successfully pulls off a serious home theater experience in a portable, wearable package.


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