Why Runcam 3S Camera Is Widely Used In FPV Drones



Today’s drones use sophisticated sensors to achieve a steady flight. However, without a good camera, you will struggle to fly a drone. An advanced camera is required to capture high-quality images in real-time to enable you to see where the drone is going. Runcam 3S is one of the latest cameras on the market that are widely used in drones. Runcam 3S has replaced the popular RunCam 3 and GoPro Session cameras which were recently discontinued. Unlike most cameras, Runcam 3S allows you to edit your images. You can crop the images and change other settings such as contrast and brightness. Many drone pilots like this camera since it is great for capturing images and racing. Read on to see why this camera is one of the top choices in the FPV community.
Features of Runcam 3S
Lightweight casing

Runcam 3S has been designed with lightweight materials to minimize its weight. It only weighs 69 grams which is incredibly light as compared to other models. When used in a drone, this camera is beneficial since it doesn’t increase or decrease flight times.Fits on existing mounts

Unlike other models, Runcam 3S design was based on standard mount measurements. This allows you to fit it in the existing mounts on your drone. Runcam 3S can be attached to both flexible mounts and standard straps.
A faster FPS recording
Runcam 3S delivers up to 60 FPS with 1080P. This gives you a high-quality video which can be used for production purposes. If you play the footage at 30 FPS, get a smooth slow motion video without distortions.
Detachable battery
The camera uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which last for about 1 hour. The Runcam 3S battery is not inbuilt. You can remove and replace the battery with ease. This allows you to carry multiple batteries so that you can quickly replace them in the field and continue flying your drone.
Micro USB input
Runcam 3S has a 5-15V DC USB input which you can use to supply the camera with power from an external source. The input is also used for charging the battery when it is low. On a drone, you can remove the battery of the camera and connect the camera to the flight LiPo battery. This not only reduces the weight of the drone but it also allows you to charge the Runcam 3S battery while flying your drone.
MicroSD card slot
The camera allows you to expand its storage by adding a microSD card. The memory capacity of the microSD card that Runcam 3S can support is unlimited. This external storage can store more footage and images. However, microSD cards come with various storage capacities. The larger the storage capacity of the microSD attached to Runcam 3S the longer the footage it can store.


Runcam 3S is a revolutionary camera that fits perfectly in any standard mounts. This camera is beneficial because it produces a high-quality footage due to its wide dynamic range that works perfectly even in mixed lighting. Runcam 3S captures a wide angle thus giving you images with more details than other models. Finally, Runcam 3S uses Gorilla Glass lens cover which is durable and protects the magnification glass.
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