Safety Tips Of The WLtoys V915 RC Helicopter


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If you are interested in RC toys and want to buy one, I introduce WLtoys V915 RC helicopter to you. No matter if you are an rookie or an expert flyer, safety is important when it comes to flying your RC helicopter.
WLtoys V915If you are a beginner with WLtoys V915 RC helicopter, you can get by practicing with toy helicopters from nitrotek, which are user-friendly and inexpensive. There are many things you should pay attention to when playing this RC toys.

Before flying, fully charge your RC helicopter’s battery pack before each flight to ensure maximum performance. Turn off the throttle if you feel you are losing control of your helicopter. Abrupt landings are less damaging to the helicopter than running its blades into a wall or other object.
WLtoys V915Then fly your WLtoys V915 RC helicopter a safe distance from other people to avoid injury and accidental crashes. Visually test the controls of your helicopters before turning on its propeller to make sure everything is working properly. Besides, be careful with those damn e-rings, or they may either fly across the room or drop into the helicopter and disappear for ever.When you crash, inventory your heli and make sure you picked up all the pieces, because they’re expensive as hell and you can never buy one part of a set.

The most important thing is that ensure you keep a safe gap in all directions around your WLtoys V915 RC helicopter to avoid crashes or injury. Radio controlled helicopter are managed by radio signals subject to disturbance from quite a few sources outside your control. Interference may well cause momentary loss of control. Before flying, be certain to perform a pre-flight test, making certain the helicopter’s components are secure, enjoy your time.

WLtoys V915 WLtoys V915


5 Replies to “Safety Tips Of The WLtoys V915 RC Helicopter”

  1. f ier says:

    How do you change the flight-battery…….?

    • Lee says:

      Honey, this RC helicopter is very simple to change batteries, you can see that the bottom of the fuselage is replaceable, you can also go to to see the latest RC plane, they often have coupons to get.

    • frankie says:

      How do you change the flight battery

    • frankie says:

      You can”t …..the only way is to dismantle the heli and do some modification ………..those chinese manufacturers like to stimulate creativity amongst their customers it seems……………have fun! And be creative with it!

      • Lee says:

        This toy is four years ago, maybe he can’t replace the battery, you can go to banggood to check out the latest RC toys. I like the WLtoys V911-pro best. This RC Helicopter has good performance in all aspects.

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