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In today’s world, having a selfie stick is so 2015. You’d probably have to hide to capture your snapshot. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Thanks to technology advancements, you can now acquire your very own Eachine drone that will enable you to take picturesque photos all while being the envy of your friends. Eachine has been at the front line of making quadcopters, first-person view equipment, and racer drones at affordable prices. If you’re looking for a good selfie drone, you probably want one that’s user-friendly, portable, has a good camera, adequate battery life and affordable.

selfie drone

The following are three recommendations, complete with their features, for you that want to purchase a selfie drone.

1.Eachine E52

For what it gives up in picture quality(it has a 0.3 MP camera), it makes up for in simplicity and affordability. It has a foldable arm and is miniscule making it extremely portable. Its altitude hold mode function enables it to have a stable flight. You can also transmit your videos in real time as it has WiFi connectivity. You can fly it in the direction you want by drawing its flight path on your phone and it will respond. In case you’re overwhelmed, you can always go back home with its one key function. Its 2.0 MP wide-angle camera is an improvement on the 0.3 MP.

selfie drone

2.Eachine E57

At first glance, this selfie drone is stylishly ultra-thin with an unusual rectangular design. Its compactness makes it easy to take off in enclosed areas. You will be able to take great photos with its relatively strong 2 MP 720P HD camera. In addition to its portability and WiFi connectivity, it also comes with an anti-shaking feature that prevents recording of unsteady videos. Speed control ups the stakes and keeps you in charge. LED lights will come in handy while navigating at night. Lastly, you can do flips with this bad boy.

selfie drone

3.Eachine E56

What sets this selfie drone apart is its G- sensor controller where an accelerometer is used to navigate instead of the normal transmitters. This will build your instinctive skills while flying. It also comes with its own bag making it easier for you that’s constantly on the go. Its camera angle can be tilted to about 90 degrees facilitating capturing good photos from an elevated position. Its 720P camera coupled with its aerial photography beauty mode will enable you to take striking selfies.

selfie drone

We’re always scouring the environment for the perfect backdrop to take a selfie. Why not also use this effort to get a selfie drone that will make you achieve your goal and make you stand out among your peers? For more selfie drone, please check this page.


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