Sensitive & Smooth ALIGN T-REX 250 PRO DFC with Adjustable 3-Axis gyro


AlignRC Helicopter

Align has provided many excellent helicopters for model hobbyists, today I’m gonna introduce you one of its representative works, that is ALIGN T-REX 250 PRO, a medium-size 3D helicopter taking the best collective pitch. Carrying on successful experience from T-Rex line helicopter, it also incorporated numerous new features such which results overall smooth and sensitive 3D flight performance.

It’s quiet incredible that the helicopter with 431mm in length, 86mm in width and 150mm in height only weighs 260g. When taking overall slight on it, you’ll know this really make sense. Adopting 3K carbon fiber frame and aluminum alloy rotor head, ALIGN T-REX 250 PRO is endowed with super compact and concise structure. Let lone, the helicopter is characterized by its DFC flybarless rotor head featuring very low center of gravity.

For one thing, the extreme low CG design can effectively enhance wind resistance and increase response speed. For another thing, the shorten distance between the rotor head and bearing ensures more direct and precise operation. Meanwhile, ALIGN T-REX 250 PRO utilizes the most professional 3D flight control system with adjustable 3-axis gyro, which makes the helicopter pretty stable in windy outdoor. Even flying into wrong direction by accident, it can correct the attitude by itself.
ALIGN T-REX 250 PRONormal flights like rising, descending, turning left/right, moving forward/backward are super smooth and stable, which enable entry-level enthusiasts to reach. What’s more, ALIGN T-REX 250 PRO is capable of fancy flights such as hovering, 360º rotating, rolling, flipping, crabbing, pitching, soaring as well as inverted flying. As for superiors, more fabulous and complex flights can be achieved under the operation of a handy remote controller.

ALIGN T-REX 250 PROSome delicate details about ALIGN T-REX 250 PRO: the unique gyro/servo integrated mount ensures quick assembly and disassembling, which simplifies maintenance while keeps a clean overall aesthetic look. Utilizing highly efficient shaft drive system, it gets minimized tail power output loss. Tail gearbox is an integrated unit with a new rudder control system, solid construction and zero slop, resulting in more precise control feel.


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