Several steps for you to install WLtoys V913 Main Brushless Motor


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Here comes a piece of good news for people who play WLtoys V913 helicopter: you are available to get the new upgraded WLtoys V913 Main Brushless Motor! If you still take the old original motor, then it’s time for you to enable better flight performance by upgrading the new motor. In case of installation troubles or mistakes that can influence its whole structure, I will show you how to install in the right way.
WLtoys V913 Main Brushless MotorFirst of all, you should find a handy and little knife that is poignant as well as precise. Now take off the canopy of the copter, you can see there are two small upright on the rack. Using the knife to cut the two uprights, you have to be careful enough not to hurt any other part of the inner construction.

Secondly, there are five screws respectively on two sides of the frame to fix the board, and you should remove those screws one by one. Next, there are two outstanding screw on the precise module, which needs a special tool to get them removed. When doing these steps, you’d better pay 100 percent attention to your hand strength and skill.

After every connected part being separated, you are allowed to remove the main motor. At the same time, you may cut off the two baffles if using battery with higher capacity. Now you can put the upgraded WLtoys V913 Main Brushless Motor on the original place, and re-install three of the five screws you removed before on each sides to make it mainly fixed.

Then, you will find that the brushless board needs welding pinout, so you have to get the welding black line back to original negative points. Besides, there is a white plug need to e inserted into the original socket tied with cable ties to prevent the external rotor jamming. Now, insert the high-capacity battery on the main board. Finally everything is done!

Now, you can fly the copter with new installed WLtoys V913 Main Brushless Motor, and find out how exactly different it is from flying a copter with brushed motor!


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  1. michel Martino says:

    bonjour. bravo pour vos explications
    j’habite en france , je voudrais améliorer mon v913 .
    ou je peux trouver les memes pièces ,


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