Simtoo Drone gives simple operation, safe journey, stable shooting and longer flight


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Simtoo Drone is a special quadcopter. It is the first one adopting foldable design, together with a compact size of 25*20*6cm and comparably light weight of 1kg, it is easy to carry to everywhere. When it folds, it is just like a fierce insect, standby at anytime.

Simtoo DroneSimple operations always shorten the distance between a drone and the user. Simtoo Drone comes with some features to make it easy to control for users. The first one is the GPS band control. With this function, you just need one key to let your drone take off and land, no skills and experience required. Besides, Simtoo Drone also features auto follow me. As soon as you start this function, it is possible to fly your drone free your hands. Meanwhile, this function is perfect to use on aerial photography especially when you are doing extreme sports. In addition, position holding also helps us to achieve a stable shooting effect.

Simtoo Drone

Simtoo Drone is with multiple and high configurations. It has built-in altimer to auto measure its flight height and remain at a safe height. The inside compass ensures the drone accurately and quickly carry out your directional order. The U BLO X 6 GPS lets you know the exact location of your beloved plane. All these combine to assure of a safe flight for you.

Simtoo DroneBeyond that, you can also possess a longer flight time with Simtoo Drone. Powered by 5500mAh large capacity battery, 30- minute flight time lets you fully enjoy the aerial experience. For the latest official price and full specs see the product page.


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