SIYI XT32 16CH Smart Transmitter: the compatible one you’re looking for


Are you on a quest for an RC Transmitter with universal support which works with most of the RC Toys and Robot models? Then, you have landed on the right page.

SIYI XT32 16CH Smart Transmitter is the best choice for you, this smart transmitter has utmost compatibility with most of the RC Toys and the features provided by this transmitter will obviously enhance user experience. I promise, this smart transmitter will blow your mind and like everyone you will be amazed by its performance. SIYI XT32 16CH Smart Transmitter will ensure a simulating experience to all the players.

SIYI smart transmitter The key features of this transmitter which can not be unnoticed are, as I already said that it supports most of the RC toys and robot models which include RC helicopter, aeroplane, quad copter, car boot etc.

Other functions including:

Quick and Ultra-fast response,

Real time data Telemetry of signal

GPS Voltage speed

Dual language (Chinese and English) support,

Sound and Shaking gestures(tips)

Attractive and Colorful capacitive 2.8-inch touch screen

Built-in Battery

Latest GUI system

And the things which many users (including me) liked about this Smart Transmitter is that it supports programming and SD card. Users need not worry about the software as we can upgrade the software to the latest versions when they are available, the other thing which must be noticed is that this transmitter has 16 channel support and 4K stick resolution and 240×320 screen resolution.

This transmitter can transmit signals into the receding distance up to 3000m with the new 2.4 GHz SHTT (SIYI HOPPING Telemetry Technology) frequency channel. The special feature of this Smart Transmitter is that it supports touch control and voice control. Its round design which is more comfortable with frosted silicone on the back will let rivals down.

Other mind blowing features are that it supports Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, 4G, Mobile Phone adjustment, Picture transfer, Smart flying, long-range control and so on. Coming to the power and battery SIYI XT32 16CH Smart Transmitter contains 3.7v 3000 mAh Lithium Polymer battery and also supports USB charging which many of the transmitters don’t. It gives you an amazing battery backup up to 12 hours of continuous use. This transmitter has a special room for your SD card and provides you more upgrade room. This Smart Transmitter supports several radios work at the same time which cannot be done by many of the transmitters. SIYI smart transmitter

I highly recommend to go for this because there is no other Smart Transmitter with these unique features, even you find one, the price will be out of your pocket. SIYI XT32 16CH Smart Transmitter makes you smart and never lets you down in front of your friends/opponents/rivals. If you miss this product then you will never get a simulating experience from your RC Toys and Robot models. I recommend it to you strongly, Just go for it.



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  1. Harry Moes says:

    anybody having this rc unit just bought one and its missing the manual
    and on the website only a quick-start manual for download
    need to find out how to setup the data link

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