Skywing Slick 38 is a perfect plane for people to practice 3D flight


RC Airplane

Who are the target customers of Skywing Slick 38?
If you are looking for a suitable plane to practice 3D flight, this Skywing Slick 38 is your second to none choice. It is a superior plane specially designed for beginners to learn 3D flight and intermediates to enhance 3D flight skills. Because of the easy handling, a wide range of players are able to use it.

SKYWING Slick 38

Skywing Slick 38 is a newly developed EPP plane. It is made using full EPP material mixing with carbon fiber, making the whole plane lighter, more impact- resistant and easier to repair. Meanwhile, this kind of plane is different from the ordinary, but it also gives you outstanding flight ability and appearance with separated canopy, hatch and wheel cowlings.

The advantages of EPP
We all know that EPP is impact- resistant and easy to repair, which is the best material to manufacture RC planes and perfect for beginners to learn flying. This product is outdoor version. The EPP material ensures a light weight and solid body, so the plane has greater wind-resistant ability and even you are in high-speed flight, the wingspan will not bend.

EPP will deform caused by temperature and humidity. Before you buy Skywing Slick 38, you’d better have clear knowing about this material. Besides, when assembly, be careful because violence may let it break. You should be also aware that this is a kit only, the power components need to prepare by yourself. To know recommended configuration, you could visit product page on Banggood.

Color: red and blue
Wingspan length: 952mm
Overall length: 985mm
Flying weight: 580g


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