Smooth & Responsive Walkera Devo 7E 7CH Transmitter with Telemetry Function


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Adopting 2.4GHz DSSS technology, Walkera Devo 7E possesses reliable signal transmission. The 7CH transmitter has been hotly discussed since it’s launched on the market. With 154mm in length, 150mm in width and 56mm in height, it’s more handy and much smaller compared with DEVO 10 which almost shares the same function. It is said that this transmitter can be perfectly compatible with aircraft in small size.

First of all, let’s take a general look at Walkera Devo 7E: Obviously the transmitter adopts classical matt-black shell. There are two knobs, two gimbals, six buttons and one on-off switch on the main board. Designed in line with ergonomics, the transmitter is suitable for pilots to hold in long time. Looking at the back, there is a stainless steel handle that makes the transmitter easy and convenient to carry. The skid design on the backside helps you hold it tightly .
Walkera Devo 7EHere comes the most vital part: A LCD display screen with telemetry function is provided by Walkera Devo 7E. With the LCD display, pilots can enjoy flight without considering safety problem. The built-in telemetry module can transmit vital model feedback, thus flight data such as battery voltage, altitude, temperature, RPM/GPS can be real-time monitored, resulting in less possibility of aircraft crash. And the LCD screen could be clearly seen Even under strong sunlight.
Walkera Devo 7ELet alone, Walkera Devo 7E supports wireless copy feature via “model sending” and “ model receiving”. In addition, it allows to store 30 groups of model flight data. Whatever level you’re at, the transmitter will enhances your flight skills by continuous learning and improving. Besides, you’re always allowed to reach the latest program, because it supports online upgrade via USB cable. And the boot part of the chip would be affected, so the risk of damaging the TX is reduced.
Walkera Devo 7EMoreover, the remote range of Walkera Devo 7E reaches about 500m. It’s compatible with helicopter and fixed-wing airplane generally. Finally, the transmitter supports multiple languages including English and Chinese, which eases setting and adjustment for most pilots all over the world.


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