Streamlined Tarot 450 PRO V2 3GX Flybarless 3D Helicopter Review


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The upgraded 3D helicopter Tarot 450 PRO V2 has been warmly welcome since it was released on the market. It’s pretty touching that every detail on the collective pitch is taken into new extreme. For instance, canopy made by fiberglass features no electricity conduction, which decreases self-explosion when inner wiring contacting by accident. And more information about the copter is  in following passage.

Tarot 450 PRO V2
Undoubtedly this is a 3D helicopter suitable for both superiors and beginners from overall sizes. Large size as Tarot 450 PRO V2 is, it’s characterized by super streamlined and compact structure. The newly improved 3GX flybarless rotor head is famous for its low CG design, which reduces distance between rotor head and frame, thus effectively improving rolling, auto-spinning, swaying and other 3D performance. And lower CG enhances wind resistance to ensure more stable outdoor flight.

Tarot 450 PRO V2
Let alone, Tarot 450 PRO V2 utilizes professional 3D flight control system with adjustable three-axis gyro. Normal flights like rising, descending, turning left and right, moving forward and backward are reached with ease. What’s more, the 3D helicopter is capable of 3D maneuvers such as hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, flipping, crabbing, pitching, inverted flying and vertical flying. When flying direction deviates from operation, it will automatically correct its flying attitude.

Tarot 450 PRO V2
In addition, the whole frame adopts tough carbon fiber material, which greatly reduces total weight but promotes flight sensitivity. Even the main blade utilizes anti-friction nylon which could be warped but not deformed ultimately, so all kinds of stimulating 3D movements are allowed. Besides, High efficiency tail shaft drive design dramatically reduces power loss associated with belt driven system, at the same time, it increases power output.

Tarot 450 PRO V2
Improved side frame design with dedicated mounting location makes 3GX easily placed between frames, or behind anti-rotation guide, resulting in clean wire management and improved aesthetics. Longer battery mounting plate with integrated ESC mount not only makes battery mount more rigid, also the battery can be shifted based on its dimension for better CG. Finally, the screw count has been reduced to minimize assembly and maintenance time.


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