Stress Spinners: Using Fidget Spinners to Help Reduce Stress


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What soon became a craze amongst kids and teenagers all over the country, are more than just toys. They can serve a purpose for people who suffer from anxiety or are under a lot of stress and help reduce stress in some situations. Their simple design and compact size make them perfect to carry around and bring out in a bad situation. Having a stress spinner can be very helpful.

stress spinner

How the craze started?

Fidget spinners were initially invented in 1993, but only saw a huge increase in popularity in 2017. Their initial design was to help people who suffer from anxiety or fidget nervously, hence where the name comes from. Their increase in popularity led to many schools banning them.

stress spinner

But why did they become so popular in the first place?

Their simple design, cheap to make and their potential to be any shape, design, and pattern making them very collectible. They also allowed kids to learn tricks on them, or to throw them and continue them spinning. This made them a very attractive toy to have. The fact that you could buy them cheap and carry them everywhere is what essentially made them the must-have toy of 2017.

stress spinner

All you need to know

They are essentially a ball-bearing placed in the middle of a flat structure made of either plastic or metal. The ball-bearing allows the structure to spin, meaning it can be any shape imaginable. Some shapes span more than others, but the idea was always the same. This meant that you could purchase one that suited your personality. Their original mission was to help relax people who suffered from stress or anxiety by keeping their hands busy and allowing them to distract themselves from the situation that was causing the stress. By distracting the mind from stressful situations, the stress spinner would help people be able to concentrate on a task or perform better in school or at work.

To conclude

Stress spinners are a great toy for kids in general, and especially for people who suffer from stress, anxiety and other neurological issues. If you are looking for great priced stress spinners, here are three amazing spinners for you or your kid.

Triangle Hand Spinner Gyro Focus ADHD Stuffer Stocking Finger Toy 

stress spinner

ABS Tri Spinner Rotating Fidget Hand Spinner With Various Light ADHD Autism Reduce Stress Toy

stress spinner

Flying Fidget Spinner Hand Flying Spinning Can Fly Away and Return From Hand Anti-Stress Toy

 stress spinner



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