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Past research has shown that minor distractions in an individuals workplace can help boost productivity by helping give the mind a break and thus increasing the level of attention or concentration after returning back to the previous task. The main benefit of a fidget widget that makes it different from other kinds of distractions is that it is used to enjoy the experience itself rather than achieving any goal. This reason makes it playing around with a stress ball or twirling a pen very different from playing a game in your iPhone since you have to achieve something in the game. More studies showed that sixth graders who used stress toys were more likely to pay attention than their peers and also they have been used to relieve anxiety from patients undergoing surgery.

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The extrusion bean toy anti-stress ball toy is one of the best stress toys made of synthetic rubber and comes at an affordable price. The stress toy is very easy to play with and good for keeping your hands busy to help relieve stress and anxiety. Extrusion bean toy can be a nice gift to cheer up your moods and also bring happiness to your friends and families. ABS cube relief stress toy is also another hand spinner consisting of eight cubes which can be rotated from any angle or direction without any regulations. The stress toy is great for individuals with fidgety hands and a very good choice for killing time. It’s also fun, easy to carry, small and simple and very effective in keeping one focused.

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Little breast water mocha soft squeeze stress toy is also another good toy that helps a lot in relieving stress. Little breast water mocha is so cute that you may feel better when you look at them at times when you are sad, lonely, bored or upset. The stress toy can be a good stress reliever and helps your bad feelings go away. However, the toy can also be used as a decoration in one’s car, house or even café. The candyfloss fluffy slime clay stress toy is also another stress relieve toy mainly for kids and also adults. It’s made from a bouncing putty material which comes in different colors such as white, yellow pink and purple. It’s a safe and non-toxic product which provides great fun and endless potential to both kids and adults.

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These are some of the best stress toys that are very helpful in relieving stress in various scenarios and places such as school or workplaces. Stress toys indeed have been found out to be very helpful especially during this times when over 120,000 people die from health problems associated with stress each year. Users of stress toys have had great services from them by helping them focus and pay more attention to their important duties after taking a breakthrough using the toys.


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