SYMA F4 RC helicopter, your sensible choice


RC HelicopterSyma

You mustn’t be strange with SYMA if you are a helicopter lover. It is a famous brand which mainly produce RC helicopter and the spare parts of RC helicopter with good quality, high performance and favorable price. SYMA F4 RC helicopter is one of new products and I am interested in it although I pay little attention on toys.
With cool appearance, this style helicopter has two chosen colors: black and red. The red one is beautiful, outstanding and energetic but the black is too low-key to show its especial point, I think. The best advantage of SYMA F4 is the anti-wind function. It is usual that we play RC helicopter outdoor for more fun, but there is windy often. This helicopter has outdoor wind resistance so that it can be stablily when flying outdoor. And the Gyro system can let it lock tail automatically to corrective the direction of flight. It is more stable and easier than the ordinary RC helicopters when flying and easy to control without spinning. With 3 channel, this remote control helicopter can be controlled flexibly it up and right, turn left and right, front and rear. 2.4GHz RC system can let the helicopter not susceptible to interference. Keep the stability The battery replacement is such simple and convenient that you or children can change battery easily very much. It has 150mAh Li-Po battery that you can use it over 6 minutes and the chargy time is only 60 minutes. Over 50 meter flight distance can bring you or your children a much larger space than the S6 for entertainment.

With the small and lightweight size, you can carry it for travel and children is easy to take it outdoor for fun. SYMA S6 is a nice toy with good quality, and is a good choice for you to give somebody.


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