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For RC hobbyists, they must not be unfamiliar with Syma. It seems that it has become our fixed flight partner. If you asked me why i bought the Syma X13, i would tell you that its existence is the reason that i bought it.

Syma X13

Syma X13 can be counted as a mini quadcopter, in size of 15.6*15.6*3.6cm. I always prefer small drone because i can play it freely no matter where i am. It comes with two colors, black and red, and both of them are beautiful. Just looked from its appearance, we can feel its excellent craftmanship.

Syma X13

If you have a detailed view on each part of Syma X13, you’ll be surprised. Safe protective frame, nylon engineering plastic material, fully wrapped motors, anti-collision foot pad, all these contribute to a drone with high strength, so even for users like me who are not skillful and often hit a wall and fall from the sky, these designs ensure the Syma X13 remain intact and keep flying with no changes in my control.

Syma X13

Although Syma X13 is mini, it is also able to implement difficult actions like 360º flips and 3D eversion. But you should be aware of one point that flight time will vary greatly on how you fly the drone. Lots of movements with full throttle with give you the least amount of flight time while slow and steady movements with not much power will give you the longest. Its general flight time is about 5 minutes.

Syma X13 also comes with wonderful shining lights, which may help you better recognize which side is the front and which side is the behind.


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