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Among various kinds of RC aircraft emerging in the market, why i recommend this Syma X8G? Well, i think the first reason is the great building on appearance. We can directly feel the excellent craftmanship. It selects silver as its main color, making it unique and distinguished from others. Although the equipped blade protectors aim at protecting your quad from collisions, they do enhance the aesthetic of the whole. I love the built-in colorful LED lights, which makes X8G extremely charming at night.

Syma X8G

Secondly, it is the eye-catching 8MP camera that makes Syma X8G worthwhile to own. The camera is also developed by Syma itself, and new camera of course creates brand new shooting experience. What’s that mean of 8 MP? That means we can get far more clear pictures and all the scenery is shown with their natural likes. What will be better than nature? We can also see that the camera is covered by a plastic shell, making your maintenance convenient.

Syma X8GWhat’s important is that Syma X8G is easy to get started. With the headless mode, there is no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying, so you could get into the air within minutes and show your multiple flight postures in the sky. The built-in latest 6-axis flight systems will help you to perform to the best and keep stable.

Syma X8G

Beautiful to look, great to shoot and fantastic to fly, that’s all the reasons i recommend Syma X8G, hope you will like it too. This amazingly drone was just announced on Banggood’s website for only $169.99 and can be ordered here.


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