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I got my Syma X8W several days ago. Mine is the orange one with great size, which is quiet beautiful and eye-catching, and i like it very much. It is stable and easy to fly. With the headless mode, it does easy to get into the sky. Also, with the built-in Tarantula Brushed motors, it is powerful when flying. Four rotor wings make this quad very strong to fly, and is not afraid of hard winds, i am pleased with that.

Syma X8WSyma X8W is a FPV quadcopter equipped with a FPV camera. It gets the job done, but don’t expect GoPro quality. To reach better shooting effect, you could change the camera. I tried to attach the Xiaomi Yi Camera for great on board 1080p 66fps video, and it is no problem for this quad to carry it. You may try with other cameras, and you may have surprising findings. The equipped camera also features WIFI function, and it works great. All recording takes place on your phone via WIFI, so we can have a panoramic view of scenery in the sky.

Syma X8WController is very light but has many features that make this a great quad for the price. The flight times are good with the supplied battery, about 7 minutes. I found that the powerful 2200mAh 25C battery from X8C can also fit this Syma X8W. I bought a couple spares as well. Actually, according to my test, apart from the FPV system, all parts from the X8C will fit the X8W.

Syma X8W

This quadcopter also has built-in lights. I spent a good time with Syma X8W, wish you guys could also have the same using experience. This amazingly cheap drone was just announced on Banggood’s website for only $119 and can be ordered here.


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