T-REX: A great helicopter option for RC lovers


RC Helicopter

Radio-controlled models owe their very existence to none other than Nikola Tesla, who first proved wireless signals could be used to control devices from afar, by doing so with a model boat in NYC in 1898: that was the first RC model ever. Nowadays RC has tens of thousands of enthusiasts all over the world. People enjoy this for many reasons, ranging from the detailed care the models need, to the fun and joy of seeing them fly, run or sail, accordingly.

Align T-REX 450L TOP

Not just a toy

Of course, there are some challenges for RC lovers. One entry barrier is the wrong but popular misconception about RC models being mere toys. Sure, it is fun to own them, use them and take care of them, but many things can be fun, without being childish or toys. RC models are designed very carefully in order for them to work. Those that fly like RC helicopters and planes are particularly admirable. Nevertheless, some people don’t understand this and judge RC enthusiasts.


The good thing is that this hobby is way more common than before and the community itself welcomes newcomers and is filled with people that like to help one another. That leaves us with the second challenge for those who like radio-controlled models: losing track of available models. Both starters and veterans sometimes need a bit of guidance to keep up with models: their characteristics, availability, price and more.

Align T-REX 450L TOP

A model that proves how RC models are not toys, and which helps exemplify quality is the Align T-REX 450L TOP RC helicopter. It is a wonderful machine that is a pleasure just to see flying. It is made by Align, the popular brand that is well-known both for its design quality, as well as its support regarding parts. They are specialized in designing RC helicopters, which clearly shows in this model.

 Align T-REX 450L TOP

Features and benefits

One of the things that make the Align T-REX 450L TOP helicopter one to consider is that it is both affordable and of good quality. First of all, the motor was tailor-made for this model, which makes it highly efficient: high power output and torque, while keeping a low temperature and low current needs. At the same time, its frame is rigid and aesthetic, without being heavy: it’s under 1kg. This is possible by using carbon fiber plates in its frame while keeping a design that takes advantage of open spaces.


A very important detail is its handling. Controlling the Align T-REX 450L TOP helicopter feels incredible. This is something you should try yourself since words won’t be enough to explain it. Suffice to say that the tail design includes a support bridge for added rigidity and its overall structure is pretty strong. Also, its 6-axis gyro is extremely precise and greatly reduces the effects of vibration during flight. Therefore handling is smooth and the response to even delicate commands feels superior to other models. You should really experience the fun that is this great model.


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