Tarot 450 PRO Flybar Helicopter Providing Remarkable Aerobatics for Beginners


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Agile as well as smooth fancy stunts are what pilots pursue! But it’s a little bit challenging for entry-level hobbyists to operate 3D aerobatics. As a matter of fact, 3D stunts can be reached with less experience if you choose the right helicopter like Tarot 450 PRO. Carrying on successful experience from predecessors, the helicopter possesses remarkable normal flights as well as fancy stunts.

Tarot 450 PRO
The large helicopter with 638mm in length and 232mm in height features very low CG, which enables Tarot 450 PRO to stably dance in the wind. In addition, you are allowed to change the placement of its flybar from 90º to 45º, which results in great control ability to reach agiler and more stable flight. The heavy weight on each end of the flybar actually acts as mechanical gyro to keep the helicopter stable as well.

Tarot 450 PRO
Normal flight like rising, descending, turning left and right, moving forward and backward all can be reached without striking a blowing. Let alone, Tarot 450 PRO is capable of aerobatics such as hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, hovering, flipping, crabbing, pitching, inverted flying as well as vertical flying. If equipped with a comparable transmitter, this helicopter allows to concurrently conduct two or three stunts, for example, 360º rotating, crabbing and pitching!

Tarot 450 PRO
Utilizing high-precision CNC Aluminum CCPM design, Tarot 450 PRO ensures accurate and smooth movements, and it possesses more collective and cyclic pitch than ever before. Integrated battery mount design makes the copter more durable and guarantees consistency of CG. The kit comes with new style tail blades which are quite long and slim, thus the tail rotor holder design is much efficient considering centripetal force.

Tarot 450 PRO
What’s more, the striking canopy in colorful coating promotes flight appreciation when flying at very high altitude. Meanwhile, the outstanding canopy helps pilot clearly identify flying direction considering its safety. Adopting fiberglass unable to conduct electricity, the canopy greatly reduces possibility of self-explosion. The carbon fiber frame featured by light weight but high toughness can survive many crashes. It’s better for you to fly the copter outdoor considering its size.


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