Tarot 650 Review: competent to use in multiple ways


Tarot 650 is an old product actually, but it is really the greatest frame i have seen: small package, strong pieces, resistant and easy to assemble, and the most important is the great price. On the design of the appearance, it is similar with other 650 series rack, so this one is regarded as the replacement product of the 650 series.

Tarot 650The main feature of this tarot 650 as well as the biggest advantage of it is that it comes with the electric retractable landing gear, i love it! This makes my aerial photography more easier, and won’t affect me to take good quality photos from wide and unblocked angles.

Tarot 650

Broadly speaking, this Tarot has lower gravity, more stably optimized design with larger installation space, the exterior design has strong visual impact with eye-catching dual color. It is also said that this Tarot 650 combines a number of patented technologies. No wonder it is so great!

Tarot 650

Tarot 650’ body is equipped with high strength composite matte gold PCB board, and the PCB board integrates power supply wiring, electrical wiring and other, making transfer more efficient safe as well as providing adequate space for the installation of various flight control systems. The motor base is easy to adjust, making replacement convenient.

Tarot 650

I only use Tarot 650 to have fun. Actually, it can be used in many professional areas, like surveillance, remote sensing, mapping, airborne reconnaissance, fire observation, life exploration, cable transmission line, farm monitoring, and so on. I will probably not apply it to do the above things in my life, but through that, we can see that Tarot 650 is really great that it qualifies these strict works. To know recommended configuration, you could visit product page on Banggood.