Tarot 650 With Retractable Landing Gear Is Perfect For Aerial Photography



Speaking of RC model frames for aerial photography, Tarot is undoubtedly your first choice! They design all frames by themselves, and own many patented technologies. Tarot 650 is one of their masterpieces, which is good quality and easy to build as well as the one I also want to introduce today.

Tarot 650Tarot 650 is a quadcopter frame adopting dual-color and new-style electrically folding landing gears, which creates strong visual impact. It offers lower gravity, optimized stability and broader installation space. The electrically folding gears are very awesome design. For one hand, it makes the whole quad convenient to carry outside; for another, it enables the quad to offer infinite angles for shooting, which is great vital for a drone specially made for aerial photography.

The main body of Tarot 650 is equipped with a high-strength composite matte gold PCB circuit. The integrated PCB board makes it more efficient and safer to connect power and ESC, etc, as well as provides sufficient space for you to mount various flight control systems. Besides, the creative motor base has added seats for brushless ESC and wiring harness protection card, such a clip-on design makes the adjustment of motor base more convenient.

Tarot 650 is a professional aerial photography quad, together with its portability, it is perfect to apply in many specialized fields including surveillance, remote sensing, mapping, airborne reconnaissance, fire observation, life exploration, etc. For the latest official price and full specs see the product page here.


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