Tarot 680 Pro TL68P00 6Axis Carbon Fiber Folding Frame Review


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Guess what I’m going to review! It’s Tarot 680, a large hexacopter frame featuring quick folding, low gravity, super stability and large installation space, unique shape and appearance. Measured 695mm in wheelbase and 12-13inch in propellers, the pro can be assembled into very capable flyer, while the folding arms helps you quickly pack it and hold in hands for far away missions.
Tarot 680First of all, the 16mm 3K hollow pure carbon fiber tube is all CNC processed, which makes Tarot 680 stronger and lighter than the aluminum version. The carbon arm’s folding seats were widened with 3-point support to prevent it from cracking and breaking. A new motor base plate with place to install a new wire harness protection for clamping design is convenient to adjust the motor level.
Tarot 680What’s more, the main board Tarot 680 possesses matte PCB circuit, integrated PCB connection with power supply electric adjustment and ESC connection, which provides quick wiring connection as well as accurate installation for all kinds of flight control system. Meanwhile, the new design features very low center of gravity and it’s more stable with a stronger visual impact.

Tarot 680
Moreover, the new pro has been tested with Gopro camera as well as 3axis gimbal, and it proves the 6axis frame possesses great compatibility. With M2.5 screw, diameter M3.2 interface, the PCB and lever of Tarot 680 is endowed with solid connection. In addition, the new folding landing skid adopts integral design safety locking device, which can greatly reduce contraction caused by the impact.
Tarot 680Finally, the large hexacopter Tarot 680 featuring high portability is pretty suitable for FPV photography or other flying tasks such as remote sensing, mapping, life exploration and soon. If you’re ready for a pro grade multi-rotor platform, 680 pro could be very nice choice. While spring is very nearing, I hope you enjoy the flight!


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