Tarot FY690S Rack Carbon Fiber Folding Hexacopter Frame Review


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A hexacopter frame with large installation space like Tarot FY690S always appeals to DIY pilots. Nowadays more and more pilots tend to make idealized FPV equipment by themselves. Take the full 6axis folding frame for example, it allows to install necessary FPV devices with ease in terms of the neat carbon fiber deck. Hereinafter I’ll give more information about the hexacopter frame.
Tarot FY690SFirst and of all, Tarot FY690S utilizes Toray carbon fiber 3K weave, carbon fiber plate and hollow pure carbon fiber 3K carbon fiber tube by full CNC machining. Besides, the entire chassis only weighs 600 grams measured 690mm in wheelbase, 11-13mm inch in carbon fiber propeller. And 16MM new multi-axis motor mount to back new brushless ESC position can be directly tied.

Tarot FY690S
It is the light weight that makes Tarot FY690S easy and convenient to take. The six axis could be folded easily and tightly, greatly shortening the preparation time of flight. Additionally, the frame is easy to pack and it ensures free installation, which allows hobbyists to take wherever possible. Considering its size, it’s better to prepare a motorcycle or a car for faraway photography.

Tarot FY690S
What’s more, Tarot FY690S adopts carbon fiber deck quite similar with integrated PCB board. That is to say, pilots can solder the ESC power cable directly onto the deck to save a lot of heavy and messy cables. In addition, the upgraded motor mount is smaller and lighter, and the legs lock mechanism makes it much tougher than the previous one. The way you put battery on a movable mount can greatly balance the CG.

Tarot FY690S
Moreover, you can put smaller and lighter motor and props, high capacity battery on the deck. Or you can put big motor and props on Tarot FY690S to carry bigger camera and gimbal. Anyway, the 6-axis frame can handle all these devices with ease. What I want to tell you is, the large frame is able to carry heavy load, and that’s why it’s warmly welcomed among plenty of hobbyists.

Tarot FY690S
Apart from aerial photography, Tarot FY690S is suitable for high portability usage, especially for surveillance, remote sensing, mapping, airborne reconnaissance, fire observation, life exploration, cable transmission line, farm monitoring, and other high-mobility activities required relatively little load multiple blank endurance applications.

Tarot FY690S


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