Tarot X6 960mm 6 Axis PCB Center Folding FPV Hexa-copter Frame Review


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FPV hobbyists must be interested in what’s being talked about lately. Well, let’s come straight to Tarot X6, the 960mm 6axis folding frame coming with the new style electronic retractable landing skid, umbrella type folding arms, integrated PCB board ensuring safe power wiring as well as ESC wiring more! Meanwhile, the integrated frame possesses enough space for installation of flight controller and other parts.
Tarot X6
Large size as the six-axis frame is, Tarot X6 actually is easy to take with you. Hobbyists can quickly fold the machine arm down, which greatly shortens the preparation time of flight. The folding institutions all could be locked, and you only need firmly lock the machine arm on the subject. Photographing via the large-size equipment, you really need a motorcycle or a car. However, it saves you much room after being folded.
Tarot X6In addition, the main body of Tarot X6 is equipped with high-strength matte gold composite process PCB circuit with the main power line using AS150 spark-proof plug. Besides, the wiring harness protection screens clamping design makes the motor level quite convenient to adjust. The electric and tripods provides aerial camera with good visual direction, which ensures amazing first person view scenery.
Tarot X6What’s more, the metal GPS fixed seat pull plug type design brings the most stable and quickest way of folding experience. And the new brushless motor adds with new ESC installation.the best part is, Tarot X6 is endowed with shock-proof system which ensures great stability when flying fast. Under the hanging battery design, lower center of gravity is ensured, resulting in steady large installation with optimized space arrangement!
Tarot X6More about Tarot X6: the whole wheelbase reaches 960mm with 328mm in center plate diameter and 392mm in arm length. The maximum take-off weight is about 9kg, which is easy to carry 5d level aerial equipment. Besides, the framework provides 12 minutes of duration of flight as well as  effective operating time about 10minutes. All in all, the large hexa-copter frame is particularly suitable for large-scale photography.


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