Tarot X8 TL8X000 1050mm 8Axis PCB FPV Folding Frame Review


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Hello, everybody! Today I’m gonna introduce you the incredible Tarot X8, TL8X000 1050mm 8Axis PCB FPV Folding Frame. Nowadays there are more and more FPV frame emerging on the market. Some of you probably have on ideal how to choose the right one. Generally the more axis the copter possesses, the more stable FPV it ensures! And that is why I strongly recommend the 8axis aerial frame!
Tarot X8First and foremost, Tarot X8 features very light weight and great toughness by adopting carbon fiber main frame. And the 8axis frame could be folded easily and tightly, which greatly shorten the preparation time of flight. Besides, the frame is easy to pack with convenient assembly or disassmebly. Considering its body size and weight, you’d better prepare a motorcycle or a car for long way photography.
Tarot X8What’s more, the fixed base adopting plug-in design which can bring convenient and quick installation. There is very large installation room provided by Tarot X8, flight control, GPS mode, servo, gyro all can be well assembled inner the PCB base. Additionally, electric foot frame controller possesses power reverse connection protection when out of control. Meanwhile, electrics and tripods provide aerial camera with good visual direction.
Tarot X8
In addition, main body of the 8axis frame is equipped with high-strength matte gold composite process PCB circuit with the main power line adopting AS150 spark-proof plugs. Usually, crashes may result in explosion if the wires disordered and contacted. As for Tarot X8, there is very less chance of self-explosion on account of the shark-proof plugs design. Besides, the reasonable and accurate framework is endowed with strong shock effect.

Tarot X8
With standard new electric contraction folding tripod, umbrella folding machine arm, integrated PCB board wiring the power included, the kit ensures more efficient power transmission as well as adequate space for the installation. It’s really eye-catching if photographing with Tarot X8 kit. Furthermore, the frame kit has been widely applied to fields which requires high mobility.
Tarot X8


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