The All-new FatShark Dominator HDO goggles


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For all the fun lovers out in there, there is nothing like challenging your friends to a race. Even so, nothing beats the thrill of racing quadcopter drones. Anyone who owns a drone will tell you this. So, of all the gadgets that should shift from your wish list to your cart, the quadcopter drone must be number one! Now, you can easily purchase one from the store without spending as much as you thought you would. Once you get one for yourself, make sure you also get this latest and affordable drone accessory-the FatShark Dominator HDO goggles.

FatShark Dominator HDO

Fat Sharks latest accessory to the drone!

Welcome to the all-new generation of display innovation to the industry’s first-class drone racing goggles. The FatShark Dominator HDO goggles are the world’s very first model to use OLED technology, therefore giving new meaning to clear images and best contrast rations


Perfect user interface

Fat Shark has made unique improvements on the HDO user interface to make it incorporate many video feeds easily. Able to automatically switch between digital and analog feeds, the HDO allows flight continuity without interruptions. You also don’t have to manually operate the menu during playback because the video footage automatically switches to the best menu option. Another unique addition to the brand new 2018 edition of the FatShark Dominator HDO is that it has a soft, replaceable foam padding that feels comfortable on your face, and also works to completely lock out external light.

FatShark Dominator HDO

More power control

If you own one of those power guzzling modules, then the FatShark Dominator HDO is the best choice for you because it comes with an enhanced power supply that allows numerous components to draw from one bay.


Top-notch OLED display

This is the bonus you’re looking for when you get the FatShark Dominator HDO goggles. If you haven’t guessed it yet, HDO is actually an abbreviation of High Definition OLED. This specific product guarantees you best color so far on any FPV goggles currently in the market. The FatShark Dominator HDO is best suited for all light conditions, be it in much sunlight or in poor lighting. The trademark OLED display on the HDO also assures you of improved clarity in viewing objects in fast motion due to its minimized image retention feature. You can now forget all about blurry corners and edges on all other previous models of FPVs.

FatShark Dominator HDO


HDMI 1080p support

Display of 960 * 720

37 degrees field of view

59-69mm IPD range

PAL/NTSC autoselect



The FatShark Dominator HDO also comes with a carrying case, Fat Shark HDO goggle kit from and also a 1800Mah battery. Get your FatShark Dominator HDO FPV goggles today and boost your quadcopter drone experience. Leave a comment and let us know how you liked your new HDO.


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