The Android Endoscope: The Most Convenient and Efficient Work Partner



Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that will need to do a thorough checking, to inspect and to search for something! You might be worrying on how all this can efficiently be achieved especially while trying to access the hard to get places! But did you know that the android endoscope can serve you better? You will need this entity if your work entails the car repairs, pipeline maintenance and also for detecting some important items in the laboratory!

android endoscope


The android endoscope has the most amazing features that make it the best choice. They include the 5.5mm mini Borescope camera which supports the Android cellphones alone. It has an OTG and UVC function that will is supported by the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Note 3. The camera plays a role in taking the picture and recording. It also has a super 2 million pixel HD camera for the best and the clear pictures. The process of recording and inspection is made easy by this amazing an android endoscope is made easy.

android endoscope

The Android endoscope also has the 6 pcs Built-in LED lights which has its brightness is adjustable. You will be in liberty to adjust it depending on the environment that you will be. It always works towards achieving the best images and videos! The design is also a waterproof with a 3.5 M snake tube which is suitable for the industrial use for inspection, car testing and also the hard to reach places such as the holes. It’s the best car maintenance accessory.

android endoscope

The Android endoscope is compatible with a USB adapter cord. It can connect with a PC and the android cellphones using different plugs. It can also support the PC systems such as the Windows 2000/XP and vista types 7, 8 and 10. Therefore, you can connect it to the computer and an Android phone. This is made possible by the USB which connects to a micro USB female. It’s surely the best fit for the Android system and the OTG supported phones. The camera also needs being compatible with UVC.

android endoscope

The Android endoscope has the easiest and the most efficient installations. You will need to have the software app on your phone, after which you will install it. You will then be required to insert the Borescope on your Android phone,  and then it will automatically be recognized!

android endoscope

To conclude, the Android endoscope that comes with the best design gives a variety of the best functionalities. You will love it when you can access hard to reach places with ease. Inspection and all the detection process in the laboratory will be made just an easy task! Consider getting yourself one of this entity from Banggood! It’s affordable and has the best after sales customer services. It’s highly rated and also bestselling. The android endoscope, the design you will appreciate!


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