The Best RC Drones for Beginners


Rc Drone

To categorize an RC drone as the best, there are quite a number of factors that have to be put into consideration. In the case of beginners, of course, one of the factors has to be their price and the easiness of use. Since there are many types of RC drones in the market right now, I will help you select the best one for you. Here is a list of the best RC drones;

Ryze Tello 

Ryze tello

Considering its price, specifications, and flexibility, you can be sure that the Ryze Tello is on another level. The drone was designed by Ryze and it features flight technology from DJI, which is comparable to the larger crafts. The Tello is fully programmable and is the best training drone, especially if you already own a DJI Mavic. This means that you can key in your own modes as well as flight characteristics, thereby making it the best educational tool.

Holystone HS100 GPS FPV 

Holy stone HS100 GPS FPV 

The holy stone was designed for aerial photography, as it is optimized with a 1080p camera with a 90-degree adjustable angle and a 120-degree field of view. This enables it to capture high-quality recordings and can also take image shots from multiple perspectives. This drone can be used with first-person view goggles. The drone also has a GPS precise positioning, which guarantees a smooth ride, not to mention its ability to return to the take-off point with just touch of a button.

Potensic A20 mini drone 

Potensic A20 mini drone 

If you have kids who are looking to try out their drone skills, this is the best option. It has well-protected propellers just in case there are scrapes and bumps, an emergency stop button to stop it when you fly it in unwanted places, and it also has a power-button alarm that can’t be ignored. The drone has one-touch landing and take-off controls, making it easy for kids or beginners to fly it. It comes with rechargeable batteries, which boosts its convenience.

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