The Craze about Cube Spinners


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The fidget spinner is the ultimate spinning toy with the ability to spin indefinitely. It has struck a chord with people of all ages and especially those with issues of lack of focus and stress. It could be the future of distraction devices as we know it because of its great features. It has garnered quite a number of fans over the past few years making it one of the most popular toys in the world currently.

colorful fidget spinner

Its sides come equipped with unique features to quench your fingers’ fidgeting desires. They include:

1.Three rolling metal balls that form a triangle shape which can be clicked and rolled around to the amusement of anyone who likes fidgeting.

2.Five soft clickable buttons, four of which make different tones when clicked. The middle button is silent so you don’t have to shy away from clicking it in quiet environments.

3.A clickable joystick for precision control which will make you feel like you’re in your gaming zone and help you disengage from everyday pressures.

  1. Precision bearings on both sides of the cube are designed to get a better grasp of the toy so you don’t have to worry about dropping it every time you spin it.

colorful fidget spinner

With a mere flick of a finger, the cube spinner can spin continuously for up to 60 seconds. The spin time varies depending on the force used to spin it. For a good arm workout, you could try shaking it softly and watch it as it spins indefinitely.

 colorful fidget spinner

Well, why shouldnt you get yourself a cube spinner if you dont have one already?

  1. To increase Cognitive performance.

Studies have shown that fidgeting helps to improve memory, creativity, and focus. Fidgeting with small objects during stressful conditions such as exam periods has been proven to aid in the performance of cognitive tasks hence helping you score higher. Pen flickers might have discovered this trick which is why pen flicking is common during exams. You can also carry a cube spinner with you the next time you sit for an exam rip its benefits.

  1. To relieve stress and anxiety.

Many people in the 21st-century experience a lot of stressful scenarios in their everyday life. Well, how does the cube spinner help relieve stress? Our brain turns to the sensory channel(smelling, hearing, feeling, and sight) as well as the intellectual channel when it’s under stress. If a person occupies the sensory channel, the stressful episode will down quicker. Therefore, when fidgeting with the colorful fidget spinner, the brain will pay less attention to the stressful situation. Fidget toys have also been successful in helping individuals with ADHD, ADD and Autism.

colorful fidget spinner

You should definitely drop by over to your nearest gift shop and get yourself one of these amazing toys!


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